January 9, 2007

Voice Controlled wheelchair is the Main Project of  a few ambitious final year(2007) ECE students of  Model Engineering College, Ernakulam, Kerala.Duration:   The Project Started on 5th January 2007 and suppose to complete on 12th April 2007.

Aim:   Design and develop an economical, fully automated, human voice controlled wheelchair for physically challenged persons.

(Demonstrated on 11.04.07)  



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  1. techtriks Says:

    Dear Friends,
    This is all about our dream project. Hope we will be able to fulfill our dream with in time.
    As our first phase of activities start in the coming moring as bed ridden after the fracture, i wish gud luck to my team mates..
    At the same time i wish to convey our sincere thanks to our guide Rajesh sir, Project coordiantor Jibi miss, Pro. T.K. Mani Sir for the great motivation and support extented to us..
    I also wish to thank my friend Sony Jose, who inspired me to design the site!!
    Hope we will be able to record each and every move we undertake in this great effort through this site..
    Gud luck …

    • tamizram Says:

      how much did this project cost….we are now doing this will this give better results…..

      • shahbaz Says:

        hi….sir i want to talk with you at skype….
        my id
        sir can you give your time to me….?
        i need your help…..i want to ask about voice recognition kit using hm2007…

  2. Sapna Says:

    hey….there is good news and there is bad news….the good news is that if we complete this project in time and in satisfaction of mani sir..then guess wat…he wud sponser the whole project….but sadly the bad news is that..we felt we din do our best..which is a good thing in a way…he told change the h bridge and motor and use a chinese motor instead…..then he told us tohave a better idea of the working and finalise the the entire working of the project…he also asked us id the voice rec could be in mallu or not….hehehehe… i realise it be done….hope we get to doit to our complete satisfaction….god help us…

  3. Sapna Says:

    suggestions given …voltage controlling module should be included….two motors should be drawn on the block diagram…change rec to recognition…..chinese motors…

  4. priya Says:

    things to do….. collection,calculation
    3.mechanical couplings,battery buying
    4.pic programming
    5.voice recognition ic,motor interfacing
    6.pcb writing
    8.battery charger(short circuit,current protection)

  5. tintu Says:

    division of work….

    senthil: programming,mechanical part, PCB, availabillity of components.

    tintu: battery charger, report, PCB, availability of components.

    priya: programming, report, PCB, availability of components.

    sapna: voice recognition, PCB, availability of components.

    nisha: mechanical part, interfacing, PCB, programming, availability of components.

  6. tintu Says:

    starting from today..

    priya s supposed to finish studying PIC programming by 24th jan

    senthil and nisha are supposed to find out the availabilty of the wheelchair by monday ie 15th jan

    and sapna is supposed to finish studying the voice recignition ic by 17th jan

    myself supposed to read through battery charging ciruit and details by 17th jan

    also flow chart should be completed by 17th by nisha senthil and sapna

  7. tintu Says:

    hay..everyone…when do v start wid the search for the compoenets?

  8. NISHA Says:

    Well…as of now as u know we proceed with PIC 16F877 as the MC, and HM2007 speech, We have PIC and we will order HM2007 tmrw..Rest we will fix after discsn with each other , like how we discusd today..

  9. NISHA Says:

    Dear All,
    Its glad to see we are going in an organised way, hope we will be able to maintain the discipline throughout..
    So I suppose we must have our next meeting on monday(still very sorry to say u all have to travel up to my home since may not make it)sometime, so that we can have some discusion abt present status or can fix rest of the componets…

  10. techtriks Says:

    Sveral PIC tutorials site links are provided in our REFERENCE page, please have a luk at..especially Prinyanka, i hope it will be very helpful to u….
    All the best..

  11. techtriks Says:

    The ppt is uploaded in the site with the correction as per Mani Sir’s suggestions, like detailed block diagram…Please chk it..if some corrections required pls inform all…

  12. Priya Says:

    hey all….this is such a neat way of intimating everyone on how each one’s part in the project is progressing…..thanks for the tutorials nisha…..great links by the way…..regarding the motor, do we look for a hub motor or a dc brushless motor?…..

  13. senthil Says:

    hey guys…abt the wheelchair..there is work shop in toll….if we tell him what type of wheel chair we want then he will make it for us within a week….what say??

  14. NISHA Says:

    Its gud that all are updating their progress…, Hope we will be able keep this spirit till the end.
    hay Priyanka, i was trying to contact Mani Sir today,but could not connect..We will be able make a final decision about motor and driver ckt after discussing with him..Still dont stop searching..let us explore all possibilities and from that the best one we can opt after discussing with Mani Sir..
    And Senthil, Its great to know that we have such an option to make our own design..But before taking that step we must discuss with Rajesh Sir too…Before that we must find out how reliable and professional those workshope ppl are and so many other aspects too…So please collect max. data from them before we go for such a discussion with Rajesh Sir and ManiSir..Hope u will be able to get it within a day or two…

  15. senthil Says:

    hey guys…make the calculations fast so that we can know the specifications of the motor…i can get brushless motor from my sis…she will be there in china for 2 more weeks..

  16. NISHA Says:

    We will discuss it with Mani Sir and Rajesh Sir tomrrow abt the motor and control ckt and will decide it tomorrow itself…
    Hope Sapna read that references throughly and we will b able to make the exact electrical specs by tmrw…

  17. deepak Jaison Says:

    Hey nice site guys…..
    and good interaction..
    senthil uses the net??? interesting…lol
    anyy all the best..
    when u make the chair make sure…you make a chair which has a seating capacity of 100 kgs..
    i want to test drive it.. 🙂

  18. techtriks Says:

    Thanks for ur sugstn Deepak..We are anyway planning to make a fully working model and wish to do the power calculations with different loads..So surely U need to sit in the chair…Its from that only we can say how efficent out wheelchair….

  19. sapna Says:

    hey all..did the calcutaltions..getting for up lsope and rolling..but the obstacle hdight im getting 1500W is that a big value will the motor be too big then?
    nextly..i read up on HM2007…..well it requires an 6264 SRAM 8kb memory externally to store thevalues..also a special keypad is required..wat dow e do abt that?
    thirdly i was planning toa sk rajesh sir to teach me a lil regarding teh ttraining of teh ic….most of it is there in the datdtsheet however it is always bnetter to ask sir abt such things na…wat say..regarding the workshop wheelchair..i think it will be much cheaper thatw ay…..
    and deepak..dont worry….we will keep ur weight in mind…

  20. techtriks Says:

    Sapna, Let us have a group discussion on those calculation at the earliest , if possible tomorrow itself..
    Then abt HM2007 we need external RAM..that i didnt tell u since i wanted all of u to find it out…Its with me and we can even get it here on low cost.I made the ckt with that last time for a project… U study it well, we can have a discusn ..its gud to ask Rajesh sir for more clarification….
    Yah,,It may be cheaper but we must cross chk it before fixing it..
    Hope to meet all of u tmrw..

  21. tintu Says:

    hey guys… this is going gud… not bad at all… cudt check the site yest.. so after todays discussion.. we ll hev to keep the final abstract by friday.. 22nd.. so hopefully vll finifh it off by thursady… and i ahev got the basic circiut of the battery charger .. now haev to maek more modifications on it..

  22. techtriks Says:

    Well, Its gud to see things going smooth..Sapna please upload the calculations abt power ratings we made today, and also mail me the first abstract..Hope with these data we will be able to discuss with Mani Sir atleast by tomorrow.
    Senthil, please update ur parts…(Senthil Absent in today’s discussion-15/01/07)…
    Tintu, gud work, hope we will have a discussion abt charger soon…
    Some more links are added for reference ..please go through…


  23. techtriks Says:

    Dear All, Senthil doing great work…He got a wheelchair free of cost from a poor home nearby his home town..Its really a great effort and i feel we must return it to the poor home inmates after automating it..That will be the best way to thank them for their help…
    1) So by this we have finished what we are suppose to finsh before 15th(the time line we put/refer earlier messages).
    2) Then Sapna Please upload the calculations we made yesterday.
    3)Tintu gave the feedback that she is working on a battery carger ckt and i feel she is going in the right way…
    4) Priyanka putting immense effort to catch up PIC…
    So friends, these are the updates, when we cross our first dead line. And as the group leader i just dont want to hide my pleasure and statisfaction so far working in this gud team…Hope we will keep the spirit high throughout our venture…

  24. senthil Says:

    hey guys..soryy that i couldnt attend the discussion(first n last time)..the thing is i was behind the wheel chair…and guess what….got a wheel of cost and i have mailed it to nishas will be there within 2 days…i saw the wheel chair..its in good condition..we just need to fill air in the tyres thats all..and for u deepak…(enthada eniku net upayogikan padille).. :->

  25. Priya Says:

    hey everyone…..wonderful way of discussing we got goin out here….am in the processs of studyin Pic programmin……so far so good…kudos to u senthil….now we have our basic wheelchair……..ur idea of givin back the wheelchair to the poor home is very sweet and considerate of you nisha….lets do that….

  26. senthil Says:

    hey priya..when u come to class bring pic tutorial with u..i will take photocopy and will give it to u..before 24th we both will write the program…ok??

  27. Priya Says:

    okies senthil…..will bring it tomorrow k….

  28. techtriks Says:

    Dear All,
    We need to finish our revised abtract for submitting on friday. At the same time we mut finish our Algorithm so soon(Dead line was on friday)..Sapna, this is the 4th time i have been reminding u about uploading claculations that we made on last meeting..
    I think we must meet tomorrow for discussing about all these..

  29. tintu Says:

    hey,people… i have been reading up on the battery charger . got the basic circiut now cheking up on short circuit protection.. and about the deatiled abstact to be kept on friday.. i have enquired about it.. we need a 2 page detailed write up with the block diagram explanation.. and the specifications. after giving the detailed abstarct we wont b able to change the design. but since we have t fixed up on the motors. i ll ask jibi miss bout it and let u know..

    and ey yes we have kept a meeting tomo. so everyone be there.

  30. tintu Says:

    and im very impressed to know that the hits on the right side of the page refers to the number of people to visit the site.. i dint knwo that.. hehe.. and fromt his feedback.. bout the height.. nisha wat do u have to say? i dont think v checked on the height while we thought of the project.. is it necessary?

  31. techtriks Says:

    Yes Tintu, We dont have a plan to make so much of alteration in the wheelchair structure now..But thats a very good siuggestion We can think of it after successfully completing what all we have already planned to do…I think that will be better..NISHAM.S.

  32. tintu Says:

    hey.. ijust found out wat all we need to keep on monday…
    2. abstract 2 pages
    2. specification
    3.block diagram
    4. time schedule
    5. wrk division
    i think the block diagram and work division is clear t all now we ll disciss about the abstract and specification and time schedule today. and priya please b there at nishs place by 5

  33. Priya Says:

    yea ok….will be there…was lookin for you today mornin….bike has gone for servicing so we’ll have to walk all the way…wanted to tell you to make it a little early so we dont have to walk back in the night….i’ll bring the pic tutorials with me senthil….

  34. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE1- date:17th Jan. (All Notices will be published here)

    “There will be an important meeting tomorrow (18/01/07) for taking final decision on motor, battery etc. All team members are requested to be present in the meeting. “NISHAM.S.

    1. Sapna Absent(Out of Station, Personnel)
    2. Fixed the Time Schedule
    3. DC Brushless Motor Selected.

  35. Priya Says:

    hey ppl…..was jus goin through the mstracey sight….reallly wonderful tutorials….the guy makes everythin sound so wonderfully simple and interestin….i recommend that sight to anyone else interested in studyin PIC….

  36. tintu Says:

    hey ppl.. y ist anyone giving any comments? wat happ?nisha ist ur net conn back yet?

    well i had gone to enquire bout the wheel chair todau. checked 2 shops.saw one foldable on which costs 2800. i ahve taken a pic and shown nisha.she a plannig to check it tomo hopefully if her leg s alright. and then if its fit for our purpose v shall buy it. else get one made .

    had talked to mani sir and rajesh sir also bout the wheel chair. he suggested v make one for our purpose and if our project is succesful he shall reimburse the entire money for our project.

    tomo thers a meeitn kept. so ppl plz be there.
    hope evryones s progresing on their work.
    …and also the main abstract was given to jibimiss .

  37. techtriks Says:

    Dear All,
    Sorry for delayed response. My net gone down. Thats too for 3 long days…

    Uploaded the Abstract which we have submitted today in the report page..

    I think the interaction is reduced a lot..Where is Senthil? Even if Sapna is away, u too can anyway access the net…

    Priyanka and Senthil was suppose to attend todays meeting ..but no news!!!!

    Friends..miles to go…dont lose presence of mind…

    And ofcourse Tintu did a great effort, for finding wheelchairs..well done..I will try to check the wheelchair if its possible to getdown there while returning from hospital….

    So please do attend the meetings regularly…We must get the motor soon..I discusd the matter with Mani Sir..NISHAMS

  38. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE2- dated:19th Jan

    “There is a meeting for discussing about the preparation of the Abstract and Time Schedule which is suppose to submit on 22nd. Please be present.”NISHAMS

    1. Sapna Absent(Out of station)
    2. Senthil Late
    3. Fixed the time schedule
    4. Tintu will type time schedule and Specs
    5. Nisha, Abstract preparation.

  39. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE3- dated:22nd Jan

    “The detailed abstract with block diagram and specifications must be submitted on 22/01/07.” NISHAMS

    Abstract with detailed block diagram,
    Time Scedule and Specifications
    subimitted in time.

  40. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE4- dated:23nd Jan

    “Meeting on 23.01.07. Agenda-Final decision on wheelchair, discussion about Battery Charger and Driver Circuit. All are requested to be present.”NISHAMS


    1. Sapna Absent
    2. Desided to start Voice Recognition Ckt tommorow.
    3. Programming Algorithm fixed
    4. Motor specs, more detailes will be collected by tomorrow morning.
    5.Order motor within this week

  41. techtriks Says:

    Dear Friends,
    I would like to remind all of u that we are progressing very slowly, with this speed the wheelchair won’t reach the target in time!!!

    So please do perform ur part without making delay..We must purchase the wheelchair(or get it made) soon..we cant wait for long, and motors too we must decide soon and get it from abroad..

  42. tintu Says:

    hey ppl.. plz be coopreative… if nisha has askeed u to do a work. plz be punctual n do it. guys its our final work and coordination is very imp.its ur project. u cant expect anyone else to do it for u. so from today.. i want everyone to be in the spirit and maek our project a sucess..

  43. Priya Says:

    yea i totally agrree with u tintu….we hav all been wastin a lot of time….no one comes on time first of all….when we say 3:45pm be there at 3:45…no point in comin late n makin evryone wait k people….and lets not waste time talkin about irrelevant things….only project talk from now on….

  44. Priya Says:

    nice to see the site active again though after the brief spell of four days with nisha havin no net connection at home….somethin wrong with my net connection as well now….keeps goin on n off…anyway its 3am now and i have a few more pages to read in the hm2007 data sheet so am signin off….see u guys tomorrow n plz be on time for heaven’s sake….

  45. Priya Says:

    by the wway nisha….think there’s soemthing wrong with the clock in this site…its 24th january 3:28am now but the time posted on top of the comment begs to differ…jus saw it now and thought i’d bring it to ur notice….goodnight

  46. NISHAMS Says:

    …Yah, what Priyanka says is right, we must keep time, and must do things within the time line..Dont make a situation where anyone need to search for excuses…Its a team work, we must have the resposibility to do our part as early as possible..
    What ever be ur doubts please post it, we will surely get the solution…

    ..Priyanka me too noticed the fasle timing of the clock, but forgot to correct it.Will do today itself..

  47. senthil Says:

    nisha,i cant call u…i have no balance and its 10 20 now so no shops will be open…..what is the matter…u leave it as a comment i iwll check later today…

  48. Priya Says:

    hey ppl….trust everyone’s doin their study work right now….keep up the pace….take care

  49. techtriks Says:

    Senthil, Make the flow chart in word or wherever..We need it asap and its requird to give miss this week and also need to upload..

  50. senthil Says:

    nisha,anyway tomorrow we r not goin to see miss rite…then i will come tomorrow and will draw a perfect flow chart and we will submit it on friday…ok??i am very tired now thats y..but all set for tomorrow,finished studyin speech recognision,then how to make that circuit bigger…i am not able to see the pin numbers properly…tell me a way to maximize the circuit…

  51. tintu Says:

    hey ppl… im happy to see everyone s bak on track and sap also soon.. hey sap if u checking the site u can do a lot of work..even though u not present here..

    and todayi did some work on finding out the availabiliy of motors.. called up few comapnies here in krala. but couldt find any whch sold dc brushless motors.. have enqiured in china too.. hopefully in a few days v can get the right have a few more work to to mail them and find out.

    studied the tomo v shall start of wid the circuit.

  52. techtriks Says:


    The total cost of the wheelchair…….Rs.4800/-
    Voice Recogntion IC/Memory/Components..Rs.1750/-

    Total amount per/head…Rs.1310

    (All are requested to pay their part as early as possible.)

  53. tintu Says:

    for the circiut we are doing tomo . these are the following components.
    2.crystal 3.58MHz
    4.SRAM 8K*8…HM6264
    8.LED s

    so by this weekend we shud b finishing off with this.and simultaneolsy the motor section too..

  54. techtriks Says:

    SENTHIL: someone plz reply how to maximize the circuit???
    TINTU: senthil go to the on the pic..or if ur online i yahoo ill send u a link now
    NISHAMS: Senthil,Just clik on the figure. that will come..
    SENTHIL: its ok…clicked evry where but no use…its ok no problems…

  55. techtriks Says:

    Dear Friends,
    Senthil Please get the Key pad, 0.0047mF capa(10 numbers) by tomorrow noon. Priyanka informed she will be able to reach at 3pm only. So, we will start doing the ckt then but before that we can have make the weekly report, flowchart etc. etc.. So fix a time..

  56. Priya Says:

    hey all……today was one fruitful day…..all of us were wonderfully on time….we had no disturbances n hinderances while we worked… was totally great….we mangaed to design the voice recognition circuit and study its working and pin diagram….we discussed about the SRAM WE’D BE USIN with the woice recognition IC….HM6264 IS what we’ve decided upon n we went through the data sheet and studied that as well….way to go team!….and then we even started workin on the keypad but since we dont need the keypad at the final stage we decided to buy a keypad and use it for the timebeing….we learnt how to train the IC……boy we did learn a lot didnt we….and in the afternoon we sat together and discussed the logic and drew the rough flow chart for our project software section….that was really interestin coz with nisha’s broken leg we had her actually sit on the wheelchair and move it herself so that we could correctly determine what commands to keep in mind while trainin the IC….in short today was one eventful day….keep the pace goin team!….cheerio

  57. Priya Says:

    i have to go for a prayer urgently tomorrow so i asked nisha if we could all meet up at 3……didnt want to miss out on our discussions and i didnt want to miss out on the prayer as well….after all we need God’s blessings right….so lets please make it at 3 k…..thanx a lot you guys….

  58. senthil Says:

    i have sent u the flow chart…did u get it??

  59. tintu Says:

    nisha. have u uploaded the flow chart?

  60. Priya Says:

    hey all….we successfully finished the flow chart today…..good luck in the search for the dc brushless motor….gonna do my part of the searchin now so adios…..

  61. Priya Says:

    here are some links….
    this has got descriptions of dc gear motors…

    this next one is an international site…think the rpm is too high….

  62. tintu Says:

    hey ppl.. had gone to rony electronics to check for he components. but unfortunately the shops are closed.wil go n get it tomo. wel today we fixed on the flow the programming part is left.
    by tomo we ll get the keypad. and we can start on.hope evryone wil b present by then.anyways ppl keep working…

  63. techtriks Says:

    Its true that we could sit together and discuss things…But at this point i would like to say one more thing we must keep the presence of mind throughout the venture. Its not a simple task..We need to do so much of things, i hope by now all are aware abt it…
    I agree everying trying best…So be in the part of the team always…Dont get demotivated occationally when we poit out mistakes..It hapens..But we must learn from the mistakes…
    So perform ur best .

    NB: Received the Flow chart which senthil Made..correction there..and with the correction we discusd, i will upload it by morning…

  64. techtriks Says:

    ….Uploaded complete programming alogorithm- Flow chart. SOFTWARE page. Pls go through it..If anyone finds difficulty please discuss with each other…

    Hello Everyone
    ..And i had a fruitful discussion with Ajeesh Sir in the evening. He suggested to collect the information about project(It was a joystick controlled wheelchair, evnthough there is little similarity in the electronic part the driving mechanism they employed is differential) done by our super seniors(Bio Med). Its a gud suggestion.
    Please check that wheelchair as early as possible after discusing with Jibi miss or Rajesh sir.. Then if the BioMedical Dept. Pemits we can take those motors if its in the working condition. And i also feel its gud to go through their report too..So Priyanka took that responsibility and she will chk it in the library. From all those we can know what all problems they have faced, how did they solved it etc. etc…NISHAMS

  65. Priya Says:

    hey all,
    i gave the specifications of the dc motor n gearbox we needed to one of my close friends in bangalore n he is lookin all around for it..he said if he comes up with soemthin he will notify me….so keep your fingers crossed….this tuesday am plannin to go n check out the wheelchair project that has been done by mec’s second batch…..hopefully we’ll learn a lot from them…..will get all teh required details n update everyone soon….keep in touch people….adios

  66. techtriks Says:

    ….where are u people????
    Priyanka, whats the feedback from ur friend, who searched the motor?
    Tintu,Got the components u have given to Raman..

    We must start doing the PCB by tomorrow. So i expect everyone tmrw…
    Reply soon…NISHAMS

  67. Priya Says:

    hey …..was in church all day….sunday right….my service is from 9:00am to 5:00pm….called my friend twice n he wasnt pickin up…..thought i’ll try again tomorrow or a little later tonight….will be there at ur place tomorrow mornin…see ya

  68. tintu Says:

    nisha we wil b there on the mornin by 9. ok. had church today.

  69. techtriks Says:

    …Voice Recognition Circuit wired on bread board today.

    Senthil and Sapana Absent.

    I request all of u to be more serious about the project…


  70. sapna Says:

    hey everyone..back after recharging my own batteries……sorry was not here..will surely make it up to all of u….im really here full time now nisha….

  71. Priya Says:

    hey everyone….we successfully wired the voice recognition circuit at nisha’s place today….soon after leavin nisha’s place i did the following
    I contacted ADROIT MOTORS in maharashtra regarding the dc motor they had advertised….they said they have a motor made specifically to drive a wheelchair with a voltage of 24 and 150rpm….
    He took down my contact id and promised to mail me the details of all the dc motors they had in stock that suited our specifications by 11:00 am tomorrow..
    tomorrow i will be going to the biomedical lab as well after obtaining permission from the teachers concerned to check out the motor used in the project done by our super seniors…
    i’ll then go to the library and read up on that project and the motor they used…we might get some useful info from that….
    so thats the itenary for tomorrow…signing off for now….take care

  72. techtriks Says:

    I am so proud to introduce u the great team work done by our super seniors..
    Pls chk this link..Its the news came in The Hindu daily on March 12th 2002 about the joystick controlled wheelchair done by our seniors..

    Its was really a gud work and if we are successful it will be one more step advanced than what they did, so work hard to keep it….

  73. priya Says:

    nisha why arent u replyin to my mail….

  74. NISHAMS Says:

    Priyanka, I was in the hospital…Reachd home just now..I have seen ur msgs from Nithasha’s mob.. I rung u too…I havent received any reply from that Maharastra compnay, i think we must ring them once again..
    Hope to see u in the evening..

  75. tintu Says:

    hey ppl… couldt do much today i guess.but by tomo v shud finish the voice recognition trainig. v don want to lag behind. so lets make things better and earlier..
    checked the wheelchair done by biomedicals.. but i don think its of any use to us. it looks very rusted. but v can always check it again also the report is missing from the lib so have asked them to make the necessary arragements…

  76. NISHAMS Says:

    I had a discusn with Rajesh Sir,he will enquire abt the biomed wheelchair to the the biomed faculties. But u ppl pls meet him tmrw and remind him.

    Tomorrow we must finish the Keypad PCB atlest..
    ..and i feel we must select a treasurer.Its very difficult for me to keep the records always..

    NB: Have a small request:- pls try to replace the tools or components in the proper place before all leave from here. Its becoz at present i have no otherway to rearrange and finds difficulty in moving around….

  77. Priya Says:

    hey all….i’d contacted adroit systems in maharashtra again today…..they’d mailed me the details of the dc motor they had with a diagram…..hope u saw the diagram nisha and the specifications indicated below it…i’d downloaded it for you jus before leaving ur place…..he says the cost of one motor is 4200Rs including the transportation charges…

  78. sapna Says:

    hey everyone…the velocity max required by nisha was said to be 9kmph…if we convert that its 2.5 mps..thats why i took calcultaions as 2 mps….cant see wats wrong after that….shud i take 3 mps…?

  79. sapna Says:

    yest we were figuring out teh dtmf keypad….and since it was not in a good condition we had decided to make a keypad…hey does anyone have an unused mobile….we can take its extra buttons also na for 3310….wat do u say

  80. NISHAMS Says:

    First of all, Priyanka is it possible to get more clarification from those Adroit abt the coupling mechanisms, i mean will they provide some or we must design and which kind of motor it is, Just Dc or BLDC..Please clarify it..

    Then Sapna, calculations we need to discuss once again..Abt key pad , 3310 consists just 3 columns and 3 4 rows only..Still i prefer its better to make our own Keypad, It will b straight forward and no confusion latter too…

    Try to come asap..NISHAMS

  81. sapna Says:

    sorry i cud not come today…had a heavy fever and had to depend on tintu and priya to take me to hospital….a person falling sick in teh middle of project is life…its not the end of teh world….so dont worry….we are way ahead when compared to other groups….and today noone of us cud come…anyways….

  82. tintu Says:

    hey ppl… we ll make the keypad. i think dats a wise dicision. dats more easy n dependable.. so tomo finish off pcb and statrt training k

  83. NISHAMS Says:

    Friends, On reading Sapnas mail I feel to write in detail ..its usual someone geting ill.. If so its required to take rest too.. I was poiting out to Tintu the way evryone approaching the project now. So ppl try to take it in the right sense. When its started or during the intial discusn all were more serious than what is now.
    Then i dont know how can we say we are a way ahead of others!!! To be frank, we havent done anything solid so far..And above all how can we equate with other projects, try to discuss with other groups in the class, a few projects are based on MATLAB, someother, more than 50% software(I agree all of those projects keep standards and so associated difficulties there). But if we analyse our project its clear there is so much of power electronics involved, its not as simple as we think,and if any of the section fails the entire system will collaps!!!..and moreover the mechanical part is something which we really need to put effort. So thinking all these in mind and the way we are moving now its quite slow.
    ..and i think atleast this moment we all must be aware how much work there to be done..So i am just pointing out:
    1. Keypad
    2. Full wiring of HM2007
    3. Traing HM2007(Its not a very simple task
    since it deals with sound )
    4. The motor is yet to decide
    5. The mechanical design is posble only after
    getting a motor in hand
    6. Then implemeting the mechanism in the
    wheelchair ..i.e. coupling the motor to the
    wheel(there we will face so much of
    unexpected problems..)
    7. Motor Driving circuit(Note down it is power
    drive )
    8. Speed and Direction control
    9. Microcontroller Programming
    10.Interfacing voice recognition ckt with the
    11.Selecting the Battery
    12. Different voltage power Supplies for
    microcontroller/driver ckt/etc etc…
    13. Battery charger circuit
    14. Test Driving the wheelchair without any
    control ckt for chking the mechanical
    15. Interfacing the speech recog. part as well
    as the driver part
    16. Making PCBs of all sections(This includes
    design, printing, soldering etcSince we
    have lowpower and high power sections here,
    lot of things to be taken care of…)
    17. Interfacing the entire cktry with the
    18. Avoiding noise or unwanted signals..this
    we will b able to perform after so many
    trial runs…

    Frineds it not just for making u tesd…But as the group leader i think its my responsibility to remind all of u what really we need to do…

    Considering the above description(there is a chance that still i might have skipd some steps!!!),Think, WHERE WE ARE NOW? WHAT ALL REMAINING? HOW MUCH EFFORT WE NEED TO PUT?…

    With Hopes…. NISHAMS

  84. NISHAMS Says:

    .….Keypad PCB Design over. Etching will be done in the morning….
    ….Priyanka, our system clock is correct ; Right?

  85. Priya Says:

    hey everyone…..really sorry that i couldnt come today…..didnt go to college even….something urgent came up…..will come to ur place tomorrow morning itself nisha….is ten okay?… that gives u some time to freshen up…..boy we have a lot to do huh……so lets go into full gear tomorrrow onwards…..

  86. Priya Says:

    hey!!!!!….the clock’s workin!!!!…..way to go girl….

  87. sapna Says:

    hey ppl….no probs priya darling we just did keypad today..tomo we train..the juniors wanted to see us train the ic….anyways here are the calculations…i know they are long over due…i was juts lazy to upload them….

    1)rolling resistance
    M=fric coefficient(.02 to .04)
    N=normal reaction(900)
    p=f*v=272W,both motors

    f=mg sin@ + Mmg cos@
    @=15 degree limiting
    p=f*1m/s(upslope velocity is taken less)
    p=287.79W,both motors

  88. sapna Says:

    by the way who si doing wat for ave seminar…apparently we supposed tot ake from teh materilas subm,itted…who has teh photocopy of teh material;s submitted..i needed it also..cos ons aturday we supposed to kick some ass na….

  89. sapna Says:

    one more suggestion..i suggest change teh color of teh font..the grey against grey is kinda difficlut to read…..and also why is there only january calendar…now its feb na…

  90. tintu Says:

    as of now, we haev finished the keypad.. so tomo training.. hey btw i had registered myself on one site to get info about the motor.those ppl had rung me up today.. they said they wil suppy it only to manufacturues.. so i have asked nisha if she can ask her uncle if its ok to register in his name.. hope it l b a positive reply..

  91. tintu Says:

    oh i forgot to share this wid u ppl.. i got this chance doing the etching process of pcb fabrication. turst me i dint know how it was done.. but after doing it.. my its so simple. mayb coz the circuit v did now is somple. hehe.. first the layout is drawn on the board wid permanenet marker. then its dipped in a sloution containg ferric chloride and ho water. its constanly stirred til the copper gets removed. then its wiped wid iso proply alcochol.then the required holes are drilled. then solderin is done .

    u ppl shud try doing it. its intersting

  92. sapna Says:

    i always wanted to do it…i wanted to the design and tracing and stuff…anyways i dont think i can do it..its for artistic ppl…count me out in that area..its for ppl with patience and delicate fingers…u priya and nisha man… offense senti darling…..wat abt ave seminar gals…

  93. tintu Says:

    no idea sap.. gaev the papers to mis and dats it.. wil get it tomo or so..

  94. techtriks Says:

    ….as Tintu wrote, etching of the PCB was done in the morning. Tintu was really enjoying while i was assisting her sitting in the wheelchair!!!
    Latter Sapna and Senthil Joined with us for soldering, had a discsn abt the Power calculations…

    I suggest all of u to be present in occations were everyone get something to learn …and that now we have the keypad But it is just the first step and we have miles to go..
    So hope tmrw we will finsh the training of voice recognition chip..So pls b present..

    >Senthil and Priyanka whats d status of PIC learning?
    >Everyone pls go through the calculations Sapna uploaded, its what we fixed in the evening
    >Tintu got some response from a chinees copmpany late tonight. Hope to have a discsn tmrw..
    > Everyone posts their views…Where is senthil?
    > Everyone pls update ur Project notes
    > Sapna, changing is a bit difficult still i will try my best..But U can increase the total font size while reading:-
    In this window, go to top left, click view, then Text Size…then selct LARGEST.

    And i feel within one week we must purchse the motor. Mechanical coupling will be a time consuming job..


  95. techtriks Says:

    No news from anyone after u left!!!!
    Today we made the wiring of voice recognition IC with display and Key board for testing…

    Tmrw the training will start…
    Be present…
    Sapna where is the new calculations we made today after the discusn with Mani Sir.??. Please upload it soon…
    I got some respose to motor enquiries..It seems we will get hub motors for our purpose…

    NB:All r requested to update their Project notes….NISHAMS

  96. sapna Says:

    i tried around three hundred times i was getting site not available..i wanted to upload teh calculations and tell u that i lost my purse money and id card in the bus from kaloor to was afunny exp thankfully..but i was getting site not found..i tried till one o clock last nite..i just woke up…will reach by ten tne thrity k…

  97. sapna Says:

    one more thing…the final value of motor is 60W,around 26 rpm is required…..will post teh calculations tonite…dunno why i cud not get the site yest…i cud get teh wipro site and all my mails but not our site….no problems….

  98. techtriks Says:

    …..Today the training of HM2007 was not so successfull. Hope v we will b able to solve it soon…

    Sapna pls upload the calculations


  99. tintu Says:

    nisha wat al did u do after i left?

  100. Priya Says:

    hey all…..finally my net is back in action…..halleluyah to that….was feelin suffocated without the net all these days… all ur comments now… this engineer’s contact number who can help us in gettin a motor…..will be contactin him tomorrow…..PIC learning goin on….a bit slow but am doing it….had an interesting day trying to train the ic….felt kinda sad when all our efforts to train it werent successful….but am sure being such a great team we’ll be able to do it together…..

    senthil ur learning the PIC as well arent u?… u want me to bring the PIC notes i have with me on monday?….or have u got some other notes already?…..tell me k….

    tintu i just have one ruppee balance on my cell….thats why i couldnt reply to ur message….was plannin to recharge today and i forgot….you didnt miss out much today after you left girl….we were jus tryin to figure out where we went wrong in the trainin process……i say we all eat soemthing light while doin the project….these heavy lunches make me drowsy at times… what say people…hehe…just a thought…

  101. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE-5 Dated:24/01/2007

    “Voice Recognition Circuit testing on Bread Board(24/01/07 on wards).
    Weekly report must be submitted on this Friday(26.01.07).”

    1. Voice Recognition circuit wiring started, Expected to complete it within 10 days.

    2.Since 26th is Republic Day, the first weekly report was submitted on 29.01.07

    3. Voice Recognition Circuit testing is still going on(03.02.07).

  102. sapna Says:

    hey all…my net just came lazarus 😉 😉
    anyways…priya speak for urself heavy shmeavy….hehehehehe….anyways back to business…

    therefore, a=0.047m/s2



    therefore, a=0.054m/s2



    therefore, a=0.21m/s2



    a=0.21 m/s2 (maximum possible practically)
    m=100kg taken
    F= ma+μN=21+0.04*900=57N
    note:0.02 is the frictional coeff for a smooth surface..0.04 is the roughest possible.900N is taken as a std value
    P=F*v(max)=114W,both motors….57W one motor……
    Τ = F* R=57*0.3=17.1Nm

    To find rpm of motor



    from v2=2as, a=0.375m/s2
    from, v=at, we get t= 5.5s

    therefore rpm=(s*60)/(2*3.14*R*t)=31rpm

    finally, each motor should atleast be 60W,100rpm

  103. sapna Says:

    the previous calculations posted much earlier had a grave error which sir pointed out to me….hiope this serves our purpose…

  104. tintu Says:

    hey all..have somethign to tel u.. we were supposed to finsh voice recog and trainin by 28th jan but now itself we are one week late.. ao ppl v need to rush up. no more wasting time.. i hope u all understand the seriosuness ebhind nisha says we wil b facing tech diff in each stage.. so need to rush up ok.

  105. techtriks Says:

    I could train the voice recognition IC Successfully….It was not the problem with IC, there were so many mistakes in the circuit diagram..
    …But its really have “poor Brain”..Very difficult to teach….

    I got Tintu’s SMS,Hope we will be able to meet tmrw..I will be very busy on friday onwards dor some five days due to excel…
    We have to submit our 2nd weekly report on 09th..So be prepared for that..

  106. tintu Says:

    oh thats nice to know.. circiut diagram mistakes?where did v go wrong?so did u train anythign nisha?
    hopefully we ll meet up tomo. anyways bye ppl.. not feeling well

  107. Priya Says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..way to go!!!….boy its such a releif to know that the trainin is done…can hardly wait to see it tomorrow….still tryin to contact that engineer i know….why dont engineers ever pick up their phones?!!!…..anyone else having any luck in our motor search? a mistake in our circuit huh….oooh…thats disheartenin….we did do it carefully didnt we….i hope it was jus some silly mistake…thank goodness the ic’s okay….gettin a new one would have been quite difficult

  108. techtriks Says:

    Its not some silly mistakes..(Its our mistake anyway, becoz we were suppose to study it thourougly well before we start doing the circuit, since its such a sensitive ckt in our project).


    1. There were many basic mistakes in the the application circuit in the datasheet itself!!!. That we BLINDLY copied and tried!!!

    2. The CHIPSELECT of SRAM(PIN26)is an active high input, we tied it to ground through a capacitor and resistor as indicated in the applicaion ckt. But upon throughly checking the datasheet of SRAM i found if its low “THE OUTPUT WILL BE DISABLED”..

    3.Interfacing of 74LS373 with HM6264-Many Wrong Connections

    4. Interfacing 74LS47 with 74LS373-Many Wrong connections

    5. One of the common anode 7-segment drivers was damaged.

    …So these many mistakes were there. Thats too just in one circuit!!!! Friends mistakes are common, but we must learn from the mistakes. So next time please keep ur brains deep into the circuit. Its presence of mind matters a lot…

    Now we have a hectic task of teaching remaining..So be alive and active .. We must finish it within 2 days..


  109. sapna Says:

    hey everyone,,,net back…thank god ckt is wrking…mistakes i still dint undersatnd..i wanna literally see where we went wrong….hmmm non reliable datasheet..thats one prob..but how can we do wrong connections in interfacing…..

  110. NISHAMS Says:

    Frineds…..We r lagging a lot….have to do so much of things….Why these much of delays…Even if u didnt come over here, please update what all u did these two days(For the project)….


  111. Priya Says:

    hey everyone…..i called up two people askin about the motor… jigar shah n another guy…..both of them didnt have the motor of our specifications….got their contact numbers from a reliable source but no luck….still tryin….

  112. techtriks Says:

    Friends….Tmrw we can meet at the college(in the moring).

    > Tintu & Sapna, whats the status of Weekly Report? We must submit it tomorrow.

    I had a discusn with Jibi Miss, she asked to get a new file(NOT THE STICK FILE)for keeping our reports. So get one big file in which we can tie our papers and diagrams.

    >Senthil, have u contacted ur sister for getting motor from china?
    (Dont wait for getting reply through mails, its very high time to purchase the motor)

    > Priayanka, Now we have no more time to waste. we have to fix the motor imdtly and get it within 5 days.

    > Please update the status of PIC leaning

    ..I would strictly suggest all of u to interact with each other every day even if we dont meet. Its for that purpose we created this webpage.
    Senthil, u must give the updates imdtly.

  113. tintu Says:

    nisha when should v come tomo to ur place?
    wat time?
    wil 10 b fine?

  114. NISHAMS Says:

    Please come at around 10.30, becoz i have to go hospital tmrw..I will ring u as annd when i return. So then itself u too ca start from ur home..

  115. tintu Says:

    hey all…its time v get working again.. been a long time.. so haev to start off form tomo itself..haev lots of work na. and check mani sir’s feedback.. its very useful for he said now we have to take strong decisions and work forward with sure we can do it guys.. just put our heart and mind to work and we can do wonders.

    so everyone be there tomo by 10.30. and keep updating the site…

  116. NISHAMS Says:

    ….Today, abt one hr Tintu and Myself trained the IC. Sapan also joined with us later.

    > Senthil Absent (Senthi, U please think how many days u were with the team while working)

    > Priyanka Absent

    …I discusd with Mani Sir about the motor. He said he has found some motors with small wheels which we can attach in place of our front wheel. But someone must purchase it and bring it. Otherwise the shipping charge is more than the cost of the motor. So try to locate someone who can get it for us. I will get more details soon from ManiSir.


  117. sapna Says:

    from where is teh motor… inida itslef?then its fine…..did u train the ic again yest nite as planned..without any otehr noises behind u…..and motor tell sir we are ready to go anywhere in south india to purchjase the motor….

  118. Priya Says:

    Yea….tell him we’re ready to travel all the way n get it if necessary….sorry i couldnt make it on saturday guys…..something very urgent came up that i just couldnt miss…my guy was in town for a day to take care of some arrangements for the engagement……i thought we were initially gathering on friday and that you had excel work on saturday nisha so i arranged my work and asked him to buy his ticket to kochi accordingly…..wanted to be around while u trained so bad…..but since u guys just met for an hour or two on saturday i feel much better……would hate to miss out on anything…..see you guys tomrow…nisha howz ur leg?….are u comin to college for the excel arrangements tomoro?

  119. NISHAMS Says:

    ..friends..I trained it for a short time at night and it was giving better result. But last night was a hectic one..I was suppose to publish the Excel project presentation things, so many other works, nes reports…Anyway i am optimistic in training it..We can put it in excel , mixed signal stall…training it one, two three and displaying it..ok? Some of us should be there to explain it..

    Tintu and Sapna already there in excel works..I hope Priyaka also will come forward and help me..
    I am coming to the college tmrw..may be busy still can meet…
    I send some links and manisirs mail to the group pls chk it..

  120. NISHAMS Says:


  121. Priya Says:

    hey everyone….heard excel is going great guns….was out of station preparing for my engagement which is the day after…..wish me luck….kinda tensed, excited and overwhelmed at the same time…mostly excited…hehe….cant wait….
    that bangalore number doesnt work….tried callin it a few times….whats everyone else upto…spoke to tintu n sapna….nisha u must be really busy huh….ok everyone….till we meet again next…cheerio

  122. tintu Says:

    nisha when can we meet tomo? is 10 fine with u?

  123. tintu Says:

    hey all..
    i suppose its fridya today.. project day right? and how come noone turned up?im seriosuly surprised u ppl can actually behave this irresopnsible.i dont think thre was aa need to inform each perosn to come to nisha s place.. inspite of that. gave al of u mis cal. and sapna. cudt u atleast inform one of us of ur not coming?
    ppl.. start being responsible.. its ur project. i dont think i need to reppeat this again. so amek sure u dont reepeat it. priya can be excused. but rest..

    and one more thing.. we havet fixed on the motor til now.whicih is very very importatnt at this time. we are already laggin. and its the responsibility of each person to check for the tmotor i suppose. sorry for being rude guys. don ahev much options left.cant cal each one and tel u the prob. so this is where we can meet .

  124. NISHAMS Says:

    ….I agree with Tintu..Whatever be the problem, everyone suppose to inform. Its always people try to find excuses for not doing things. If things goes like i lose options..So i may force to discuss the situation with our guide or coordinator…
    I had a one and half hr long discusn with Manisir Yesterday evening. He strongly pointed out the unorganised way of working which we exhibit. It may be my failure as the leader. But i never said any excuses before Mani Sir(even i am not going to put the fractured leg as an excuse of our too slow progress), So let me say frankly now i am not going to encourage this way of working.
    And with this i dont think we will even purchase a motor at the time of final evaluation!!!
    So its very high time to do something creative… I have a humble request to all..Please please dont try to find excuses for the negligence of duty… We can find a million reasons, but finally we will surely in danger if things goes like this…So Try to realise things we are suppose to do at this point… NISHAMS

  125. sapna Says:

    hey all of u…i thot teh whole coll knew that it is wipro workshop 15 16..thats thurs and fri..since i cud not make it on thurs as nisha knew i thot she knew i wud def go on fri…thats project day laso shiv rathui and iw as in coll for a worhshop..everyone knew its wipro workshop..nad im placed in wipro…so i was at workshop from nine to five….so i thot i wud be excused….

  126. sapna Says:

    regarding teh motor..i thot we were to call mani sir and finally fix on the one we had pointed out..lets not looka tmoney now its time thast most important….and nisha there was attendance at the workshop yest….but not a serious one just a playful one….i dont think it matters….order is friends i need to go to bank and passport office and after that i will join u guys…

  127. NISHAMS Says:

    …Nothing much to say about Sapna’s comments. I believe i rung her on thursday evening and requestd her to call me back since i had low balance..She agreed too..But no reponse after that. Whatever be the reason i dont think there is some difficulty, just for informing anyone in the team.. Anyway its ok..No need to discuss on past days..Think about the work ..



  128. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE-6 Dated:17/02/2007

    “–Voice Training must be completed on 09.02.07 –IInd weekly report submission on 09.02.07 –Motor purchasing within 5days”

    1. Voice training done, but still problems there in recognition. Need to work on that part.
    2. Second weekly report was submitted in time
    3. Motor Purchasing was suppose to done within 14th, So far not done. Today its confirmed. Hope to get it within 5 days

  129. sapna Says:

    hey nisha..can u just throw light on which motor wats teh specs of teh motor from where and wats teh prize…when u i buzzed u us aid u were stillt alkigna nd after that i dint get nay answers…

  130. tintu Says:

    sapna.. we still gettin information from agni motors.. its still not fixed. but they ahev the motor we need. he has promised to mail us and tel us in after we get a reply it shall b put in the site

  131. sapna Says:

    thank god..atelast they have wat we need..and its right here in india….then we can proceed now…thats amazing….regarding teh flowchart..i think i can feel there is something wrong..but i cant point on it….something somehwere does not feel right….

  132. tintu Says:

    ppl please bring money tomo to buy the motor. its urgent and no excuses permiitted. beg borrow steal do anything.. its dat urgent.

    bring 1300

  133. Priya Says:

    hey everyone……just spoke to tintu…we got the motor huh…thats great!!!……my engagement function yesterday went on very well….i cant beleive am engaged!….will be seein off my fiance the day after n then its 6 months on my own….me very sad….anyway….so lets get the project rollin guys!!

  134. techtriks Says:

    ..And finally, we could find a motor..Its from Agni motors, bangalore(Mani Sir sggested). The motor they have suits our specs.. So hope to get it within 3 days.
    As Tintu mentioned everyone must bring money tmrw morning itself. And we need to deposite in the Karnataka Bank ltd. I think thats at Pallimukku. Someone has to go there and deposit it. i will give the details tmrw morning..


  135. techtriks Says:

    Friends..I taked to Agni Motors after depositing the money. They start making our motor and by the end of this week we will get the motor. They will send the motor in a Volvo Bus. They gave us a discount of Rs.350/motor and transportation charge.

    The total cost of the motor 2900/motor + Rs. 60 = Rs.5860/-
    So Rs. 1172/head.

    NB: There are a lot of telephone bills to settle. Priyanka and Tintu please post the amount u spent. I too suppose to get some- the ISD calls, and min. 10 calls to Agni motors and some Pune etc. Hope it will be shared among the team.

  136. techtriks Says:

    Friends..Now we must think about purchasing the Battery. Everyone please find out the battery according to our specs..Lead Acid maintenance free battery will be gud for us..
    We dont have so much of time for searching it like how we wasted time behind the motor.. So please find out soon, preferably from Ernakulm itself.

  137. sapna Says:

    heyeveryone these are teh responses i got regarding batteries..
    International power coorp…two 12V,28Ah batteries will cost Rs2625 * 2=Rs5250

    Ks battery house and lakhanpal number does not exist

    Fenn battery house will call nisha as i gave her number so that she can make a decision

    gayathri battery is also 12v,28Ah is Rs 2300 * 2= Rs 4600

  138. techtriks Says:

    Gud effort Sapna. U rung to all nos i gave?
    There are many numbers of EKM there in the list. That i am uploading in the reference page. Pls have a luk….There are some shops at Palarivatom too, Pls go there too.

    We must purchase Battery before friday..
    Check this site


  139. tintu Says:

    nisha, wat time do u have to go to the hosptal today? we have ave now.don know baout the rest of hours. wil let u know and come accordingly.

  140. techtriks Says:

    Friends, Today evening Agni motors will send the motor. They will inform me abot the travels imdtly after sending it.

    Tintu, I will be going to the hopspital at 3.40pm.


  141. sapna Says:

    who is going to collect the motor and it is coming at which travels..we had class..seminar the send off of princi sir….thank god the motor is here….now we can train teh ic..convert it into pcb..start the coupling of motr..i say we go for th e battery at the places i called first…5000 for two batteries is not bad….wat did the doc say nisha?

  142. Priya Says:

    yea 5000 is not bad…..when are we meetin tomoro guys….why dont we head there after the seminar….it probably shud get over before noon….good greif i have no idea what am gonna speak tomoro….feel like am back from a trip to another planet….how is ur leg nisha?…..

  143. sapna Says:

    hey nisha..i just added u accept teh invi….everready has only 1.5V cells..they suggested exide or amamron..i think they should be frfairly good brands for out purpose

  144. techtriks Says:

    Friends…And after a long time everyone present today!!! Its everyone put efforts for Battery..Gud team work..Thats what we need..
    So we fix the AMRON Battery 12V, 32Ah Maintenance free lead acid battery.

    The total cost of Battery
    Rs. 2100/-Battery
    So total Rs. 4200/-

    Eevryone please bring their share tomorrow itself.

    Tomorrows plan

    >Sapna & Senthil will go for battery
    >Priyanka & Tintu will collect the motor from SPS travels
    > I will try my best to complete the PCB for Voice Recognition Ckt tomorrow
    > Then we will fix the motor coupling mechanism

    Great coordiantion and Team work is required for a project like this. So people please dont lose the spirit until we finish it.

    NB: We will have mid term evaluation on 7th march (Jibi Miss informed me yesterday)


  145. tintu Says:

    hey all.. so today v got the motor and battery.hope all cash transactions are by wed we shud b giving it to get the weldin done. mid term eval is on7th so got to b prepared.. happy to see everyone bak on track,.. keep up the spirit ..

  146. sapna Says:

    will update on wat we discussed on friday…got teh motors and batterries..tested both the motors and batteries….saw some sparks flying…then discussed on the coupling available… coupling,timing belt,gear,chain drive,friction drive……discussed adv and disadv of each…..

  147. techtriks Says:

    Friends….Hope to start our works by wednesday or thursday..I will be going to home for better treatment. Hope to be back within 4 days.

    So please update things..If something urgent please ring me. i wont be checking the site very frequently there..


  148. Priya Says:

    hey everyone….renju had called me yesterday saying he knows someone in palarivattom who deals with motors….i told him we already got the motors…..he said he just happened to meet this uncle and when he learnt that he dealt with motors he thought of us….thanx renju..

  149. sapna Says:

    people i guess we will meet on wed or thurs rite…that day we need to get two things in drawing of the training part to pcb…then decide the coupling…prob chain drive…and then give it to wrokshop then and there..but i have a doubt….after we wled teh motors we bring it back to base camp or we take it to coll…cos the batteries are 20 kgs na….so how do we carry this arrangement up and down to coll for our mid terms and stuff….???

  150. tintu Says:

    nisha are t u back ? let us know ok

  151. Priya Says:

    nisha will be back only on friday….girl i tried callin u lots of times but u were always on call waiting…if ur reading this…talked to rajesh sir about the laptop we neede urgently….wrote the request letter…..he said he’ll have to talk mani sir n let us know…right now nothing’s available it seems….spoke to jibi miss as well…she says there are only 8 laptops available all of which have been taken….begged a little so she said she’ll let us know tomoro after speakin to mani sir…..maybe we should do that as well….is there any way you can speak to mani sir?…..anyway we’ll know somethin concrete only by tomoro….rajesh sir asked us to hold onto the laptop we have at least till monday….

  152. Priya Says:

    couldnt think of any other way to send this message to you….my mobile outgoing is barred…will be recharging it later in the evening…..gonna try callin u again after an hour or so…….

  153. Priya Says:

    today tintu went and got the laptop from college and then the both of us went to the hp service station to get it repaired….something wrong with a hardware component inside and they have to get it from delhi…hence we might get the laptop only by tuesday….lets hope we can hold onto the present one till then…

  154. tintu Says:

    hey … got the laptop form col.. its a spoiled one htough… so have taken it to the hp service centre n given it there.. they have promised ot give it to us by tuesday.. i ahve the slip wid me .. wil go n collct it on tuesday.

  155. sapna Says:

    gals…..tuesday is our evaluation….so we ned alaptop for presentation…..imean we dint make the presentation nothing na..wat are we including in our ppt…we did dot eh voice recog we got teh motors and batteries..we did teh calculations we estimated teh costs etc na..this is wat we did…wat we plan to do…weld teh motors,convert th voice ckt to pcb,mount teh batteries design teh chrager and programming..hmm..quite a bit left na,…priya after ur suppli kick ass on programing wecan finish it ina week..tin wat type of charging ckt are we lookinga t?

  156. sapna Says:

    programming and once we fix teh drive mechanism as well….we can weld side bys die we can do teh chraging..nisha can do teh pcb…senthil help priya….wat say…so senti and priya programming me and tin going to do soem searching on the charging ckt..we need to charge a 24V,32Ah battery na..two of them,nisha do the pcb and drive once fixed is going to welding then control cktry…ok…let the darns upplies onwards nos lacking…

  157. sapna Says:

    chk this out tin..
    What you need to make the charger
    You need the following parts:

    an L200 chip
    an AC/DC converter
    a strip board and wires
    a few resistors (including one variable resistor) and capacitors
    a box to put it all in, preferably aluminum
    connectors for your battery and the AC/DC converter
    various screws to put everything together
    You need the following tools:

    a soldering iron
    a multimeter (well, probably just a voltmeter would do)
    a drill to put holes in your box
    various files, screwdrivers, and wrenches

    the l200 is teh same as lm317 voltage reg ic….

  158. sapna Says:

    listen these are all for 12V batteries..we using two fo them..but its not for 32Ah i think..but i think the values can be cahnged to suit out needs…..just an effort k…

  159. techtriks Says:

    Friends..i will be reaching EKM tmrw morning(7am)..No chance to write more…C U…NISHAMS

  160. Priya Says:

    nisha i just saw ur missed call …was driving….havin suppli on wednesday na….so much left…..presentation on tuesday huh….geez thats bad news….cant wait for the suppli to get over…so much tension already n now the presentation….hmmm…girl if there’s anythin urgent just scrap here k…..will be checkin it before goin to sleep again….by the way tintu….bijoy had come home yesterday n i had a talk with him regardin the project…..he has this very interestin book on powwer electronics which might help u find a suitable battery charging circuit or atleast get ur basics right….i asked him to get it for you on monday k…dont forget to collect it…its a good book and its not available in kerala….hope it will be of help…

  161. tintu Says:

    okie thanks gal.. ill remind him tomo.. i heard the presentaion mite get postponed.. must b just a rumour.. so we better get prepared.. tomo we are planni to meet at nisha s house at 2 just for a while..

    since u ppl have supply me n sap wil make the ppt tomo and bring it to nisha place by 2 so dat if needed ,corrections cud b made..

    so plz b there by 2 everyone..

  162. sapna Says:

    ok gal..we will make the ppt first and then check out teh book on power…we might get teh control circuit an charger thats teh main portion all pcb and welding and all na….will give attnedance make ppt..but firstly we should decide wat are we going to include in the ppt wat abt report?

  163. techtriks Says:

    Friends…We had a discssion abt the presentation(me, Sapna and Tintu). Hope the corrections will be done by tomorrow.
    The Laptop will b available by tmrw noon. Tintu please get it asap, so that we can transfer all data and can return this one.
    I think we can start preparing the Final Report too. So at the end we wont face pblm.



  164. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE-7 Dated:23/02/2007

    “–Third weekly Report must be submitted on 23.02.07 –Voice Recognition ckt PCB before Feb. 23 –Motor and Battery purchasing before Feb.22 –Motor coupling before 26.02.07”

    1. The weekly report is submitted in time.
    2. Motors and Batteries are purchased
    3. Voice recognition Ckt PCB is not finished.(MUST FINSH WITHIN 10DAYS)
    4.Chain Drive is fixed. (MUST FINISH WITHIN 12 DAYS)

  165. techtriks Says:

    Friends…Plese have look at the NOTICE at the right side of the home page. Some deadlines are highlighted. Hope we will be able to finish it in time.

  166. priya Says:

    hey n sap were loking through the whole thing once again n we have a few doubts…
    1)we havent connected the CPUM pin in our circuit….its left floating….so doesnt that mean it is kept high?….n when it is high its in cpu mode but we need the manual mode….so what do we do with this pin?

    2)where is the DEN pin(16) from the HM2007 connected to?

    3)what does vref actually denote?….does it mean that all the voice inputs should cross 5V to be accepted?

    4)why is battery back up used for the VCC of SRAM?

    5)what is teh normal Ah of a car battery?…any idea?….

    6)why do we keep checkin the previous speed condition for te left and right mode of the wheelchair?

  167. techtriks Says:

    Sapna and Priyanka,I am giving brief discription of each pins of HM2007. Hope this will clear most of ur doubts. then
    Q4) Battery back up used is 3V button cell
    Q5) Commonly 28Ah i have seen in Maruthi/Alto etc
    Q6) Its not checking previous speed condition, but checking the previous direction of motion by checking the flag bits,This is required beocz if someone say RIGHT while going FORWARD, it must go Right, if we stop right motor or reduce the speed of right and left motor in the normal speed, But if think if someone say RIGHT while moving REVERSE if we go for the same step it will go LEFT!!! For avoiding this we must alwaying check the present direction of motion before taking a turn and give the pulses according to that..

    Description of HM2007P pins
    Pin 1,26- GND Ground
    2-3 X(2-1) – A 3.58 MHz crystal is connected to these pins.
    4-6 S(1- 3)- Keypad pins in manual and read/write pins in CPU mode. S2 and S3 determine
    the direction of the data bus.
    S1 chooses the data. If S1 is high, the bus data comes from the output buffer;
    otherwise, the status register is used.
    Pin7 – RDY When HM2007 is ready for hearing voice, a low signal is sent and the attached
    LED goes on. When the chip is not ready, the RDY pin is high.
    8-11 K(1- 4)- Keypad input in manual mode. In CPU mode, these four pins and S(1-3) form
    a bidirectional data bus. When K3 is high the content of the K bus goes into the
    input register.
    12 -Used in household appliance testing. Low is the normal mode.
    13 -WLEN Selects word length.
    15 -WAIT If low the chip cannot hear any words. In the CPU mode, when wait is low, the
    chip enters the get-command process.
    16 DEN Activates the latch to display the output.
    17-24 -SA(0-7) External memory data bus.
    25,47 -VDD +5 V

    27-31 -SA(8-12) External memory data bus.
    32-33 -NC No connection
    34 –ME Enables the external SRAM
    35 -MR/MW Read/write control of SRAM
    36-43 -D(0-7) External memory data bus
    44 -VREF The voltage reference of the internal A/D converter. It is connected to VCC
    through a 22k resistor.

    45 -LINE No connection, can be used for testing
    46 -MICIN Microphone input pin. The output of the microphone circuitry is fed to this pin
    48 -AGND Connected to ground via a 0.1uF capacitor.

  168. priya Says:

    why????why is the back up used?
    why is again vref used??wats teh [purpose????

  169. techtriks Says:

    This back up is used to hold what ever we saved in the memory. Its not having internal Back up. AS its clear from the name Its a RAM. It will lose all data when we switch of the power supply. So this additional 3v will give power when it goes of and hence it the data will be safe. Otherwise eachtime we need train..Fine?

    The Vref is used for the internal ADC(which converts the analog microphone input to Digital. Most of the cases these Vrefs are tired to VCC since its internal design suits with VCC. But in some cases it may differ too..But in our case Vref = Vcc. So we tied it to Vcc. If its not connected the ADC wont work, so no voice will be accepted!!! got the point?

  170. techtriks Says:

    Priyanka, Anything more? i want to sign out…Please reply soon

  171. sapna Says:

    thanks a lot nisha..going to coll now..will aneshikufy wat ca be is studies…

  172. sapna Says:

    hey senthil and nisha..wat happened did we find aplace yet…
    did we give it for welding yet?did we atleast find a place?

  173. techtriks Says:

    Friends, It was a hectic journey and could meet atleast 4 or 5 workshop ppl..Some has no idea t all. and some who has idea, doesnt have time to spare..Will search for some other tmrw sometime…
    And its not as simple as purchasing something from a shop. We must find the right place. otherwise it will b an utter flop…Even for selecting motor how much time we spent..its much more difficult and critical than that..
    Hope we will be able to find a place within few days and everything will be fine

  174. tintu Says:

    ok.. yeah this is a serious decision to be made.. cant make mistakes which cant be corrrected later.. so best is take itme n find the right place.

  175. sapna Says:

    people..just for everyone benefit..MCS retest on friday..first module..

  176. techtriks Says:

    Sapna..Gud effort..but have u seen any FET in that circuit?..Its just a basic transistor ckt explaing the basics of H-Bridge…right?

    We must use h-briger with PWM control..I made a ckt. hoep we will have a discusion with Mani Sir tmrw..

  177. tintu Says:

    hey.. we trying to make the ppt tomo by noon so dat nisha doest have to travel for 2 days.. so ppl be there around in col tomo

  178. techtriks Says:

    Dear Frineds,
    I am very glad to inform u that we got a right place for making the mechanical coupling!!!!
    I went to the workshop which Sapna suggested. But he said he has no idea of machniery. Then a good workshop somewhere near tha area i could find. They agreed to make it within one week, providing i must also work with them.That will be good for us. But it will be a big strain for me. Still i will try my best. Every evening for sometime i have to go there. I will make it with the help of uncle. Anyway those people have some idea and they r doing gud works too..
    So hopefully tmrw i will give it to them..


  179. techtriks Says:

    Anyone luk into the NOTICEkept in the right side of this home page??
    1 Voice Recogtn ckt PCB Soldering within 10 days
    2. Motor coupling must be done within 12 days
    3. H-Bridge Ckt design before 18.03.07
    4. Program Before 22.03.07
    5. Battery Charger before 25.03.07
    6. REPORT 14.03.07 ONWARDS…

    Anyone thought of starting the report..????????? today is 14th March!!!!!!!..ppl be active.. We should have discusion abt where to start …..
    Dont make delay..(The present NOTICE published on 07.03.07, So count down!!!!)


  180. sapna Says:

    good…..finally we got a pic..i gav the prog outline topriya…hope seh working on it…and h bride ge is now our pririty..and VRC on PCB…

  181. techtriks Says:

    Friends..where r u all? Where is Senthil? I think last 2 months he never updated whats hapening in his side. Whatever dead lines and rules we are making is applicable to everyone. occationally we had discisns. Except that no response at all…

    Then friends while writing please make words some more clear. Its difficult to read sometimes..
    Sapna i hope all of u have seen the ppt in this laptop today. In that i included the full ckt with H-bridge. But i wish to discuss with Mani Sir abt the Ckt.

    I would suggest all of u to be a bit more serious. Even amidst supplies i have seen so many ppl in the labs. Its we are not makeing things up to that level.

    While writing the program please follow the second flow chart.

    I hope atleast tmrw we will sit together and discuss.

    Its this site is for discusing things.. It will be difficult to explain each and everything individually, So pls check the site evryday…

  182. sap Says:

    hey …how do we do the delay calculation….1/4M * no.t states * decimal value = delay…but how do we calculate teh t states for every instruction???….urgent

  183. techtriks Says:

    In the PIC instructionset tutorial (at the end of every microcontroller datasheet)the T -Sates are mentioned..Please check it

  184. techtriks Says:

    Sapna & Priyanka…Check this delay loop.Hope this will give u some idea. This i took from one of the programs i had done earlier..

    ;PIC Time Delay = 0.3130012 s with Osc = 20.000000 MHz
    movlw D’8′
    movwf CounterC
    movlw D’248′
    movwf CounterB
    movlw D’106′
    movwf CounterA
    loop decfsz CounterA,1
    goto loop
    decfsz CounterB,1
    goto loop
    decfsz CounterC,1
    goto loop
    goto start (Start is in the main program nothing related to this delay)


  185. sap Says:

    well..checked the datasheet again..the t statesa re not mentioned….and the delay..well..u still dint tell us teh calculation of how u got these values to be loaded int he count reg..

  186. sap Says:

    suggestions were..
    1)to avoid so many opto couplers and use a relayt for direction control thus reducing rhe number of 2…
    2) make a battery monitor
    3)charger to be done at end..preferable smps.

  187. techtriks Says:

    the drive mechanism wil be ready by next wednesday. I was working with them till now..Now goingto home for consulting the doctor.
    The expense so far.
    Given Rs.500 to the workshop person for purchasing some materials
    Autocharge..Rs. 40/-
    Some Spares also required to purchase in the coming days
    He has not mentioned about the charge. Will tell after making it.


  188. sap,priya Says:

    hey..good news..the programming is done..we tried all teh conditions….its ready to burn..

  189. priya Says:

    today sapna and i went to the lab and were successful in burning the pic…..we wired the whole circuit only to find out that the digital trainer kit we had wired it on wasnt working… will have to do that bit all over again….rest evrythin is goin great guns….

  190. sapna Says:

    today….cud not test as….everyone had iom today dint do anything…but i believe teh pic will doubt..should we wire an external 555 timer????becasue i copied the delay routine from my mini project program and i rem manmohan had wired a 555….

  191. tintu Says:

    hey ppl… tomo be there at nisha s place in the morning…

  192. sapna Says:

    sorry..i will have to leave at eleven or so…..i have my learners tomo….i had kept it for tomo as i thot nisha wud be back two days bac na…the program is burnt..just one doubt as i had posted..shud we wire teh crystal….can somebody clairfyt aht..i have programmed it to obey timer 1….testing of the pic will be done by priya and possibly tin or senti…else we can straight connect and try beginners might work in teh first go..

  193. tintu Says:

    one more thing .. for the work beind done at the workshop we have to pay some cash.. at present the cost has come upto 1172 totally.. so bring the cash also ok.

  194. sapna Says:

    gulp…from where will we get money in teh night now….shit..its toolatea notice..will try to bring it…1172/5 rite???around 235 bucks rite….yeah fine….1172 sounded huge…anyways….i have to be at the learners at priya and me will have to leave by twlve…nisha…shud we connect a 555 to RC.0?????anyways today me and priya will come and explain teh program to u….that time was working int eh simulator….

  195. sapna Says:

    i was just thinking…..let teh entire cost of teh workshop come….rite now its 1172 fine..let teh entire thing get over..then we will have to pay them together na..that time we will pay….we can keep the bill also rite..why give small small amounts now in short breaks….let the entire workshop bill come….wat do u ppl suggest….

  196. sapna Says:

    finding a few illogical errors pointed out by the simulator..trying to debug..have to burn once more most prob..

  197. tintu Says:

    hey all.. tomo no need to meet up. today kept the meetin today thinking all of u wud turn up.. nisha had post poned her gng to workdop coz v wer to meet.tomo she wil be at the workshop. so meeting only on sunday..

  198. tintu Says:

    sap.. see if tomto lab is open n go ficich off the pic

  199. priya Says:

    yea….we’ll try and finish the testin tomoro….problem is there is a small problem with the delay part…..we’re tryin to sort that out now….what are you guys upto?……how far is the report done?……

  200. techtriks Says:

    Friends..I would like to point out a few things

    1. About the works in the workshop..Its not for the workshop ppl we gave some money. Note down..ITS A WORKSHOP WHERE WE CAN DO THE WELDING, LATHE WORK ETC..NO SPARES ARE AVAILABLE THERE. ITS WE MUST FIND OUT THINGS AND GIVE THEM..So it costs..and its not the new parts we are purchasing, from scrap we are trying to get things for our purpose..
    Anyway i cant take the money in advance anymore. But i can put my share at any time.

    3. I dont think from the workshop too U will get some formal bills. But i can take some slips from them.

    4. Last 7 days we have been working in the workshop(when i was at home i did someworks there and send to these ppl). Its expected to finish by tomorrow evening. Working in a workshop in such a hot atmosphere (with one leg fractured) is not so simple…So i expect better response from ur side,,Today it would have been advancing a lot… but i waited u until 12pm then only i got the infm that u wont come. Then i got to catch an auto in the midnoon and got to go there and forced to work there until 8pm…Its really painful too…Thants y when Tintu came i informe her to meet on SUNDAY, So that i can finish the work
    5. The work will b over by tomorrow evening, So its required to give the money tomorrow(They havent said aanything about it. I will anyway ask them to give some rough estimate in the morning itself–HOPE IT WONT BE LATE INTIMATION!!!!Please keep the amount.

    6. Today one sproket i have purchased from the scrap shop..Cost Rs.120(we need 4 sprokets, 2 from my old bike, but 2 we need to get from outside..If all of u are ready to spare the cost of new sproket —cost around Rs.800 min.–we can purchase new one. Then we will get proper bill!!!)
    Post ur suggestion soon we need one more in the morning.

    7. As u are aware, this laptop was given for servcing once againa to HP service cente, i cant finish the PCB. And now i will do it only after finishing the mechanical part. PCB design needs immense concentation, i cant make it in the night after working in the workishop throughout the day. So hope once i finish the mechanism i can do PCB

    8. ABOUT PROGRAM—If its worked well in the simulator, it must work with the kit..So i would like to discuss with u. And i have a PIC PROGRAMMER with me and we can do everything at my home(Infact many other project batches coming here for doing their program since they found some dificulty in the programmer there!!)

    9. Tintu, U havent taken the notes i have showed u. I think that will help u a lot for making the report




  201. priya Says:

    please can u keeep the meetin tomoro at 1:30 or 2……we can sit at ur place till 6:30 or 7 no problem….but please dont keep it earlier than that…..i cant cut church…..and my service is till 1….plz plz

  202. priya Says:

    tomoro’s meetin is at 1:30 k…..just spoke to nisha….everyone please be there…..finish off what work u have to do by then and we can sit and discuss till 6…..please dont be late people

  203. techtriks Says:

    No response to my long message…!!!!

    Tmrws meeting we can fix tonight, if the mechanical structure is not over today, will continue tomorrow..

    I am going to the workshop, i expect some response from ur side.Call me and inform. I wont purchase things until i get some response..

    Hope to hear from u…

  204. sapna Says:

    hey team….

    i think there has been some misunderstanding to my comments…..
    let me clarify them….
    .firstly since nisha was at home all these days we could not discuss the purchase of these new componenets….as we had done before, we had discussed the cost of the motor and battery and all and then we purchased..this time since u were at home u cud not discuss teh purchase these items…so suddenly, out of the blue, after being at home, u asked for money….after all we are all part of teh project group..and we used to discuss teh purchase of items….and money is definately the last issue..why bother abt 1172/5 which is hardly 200 something…the question is… we dint know abt teh purchase of these items….so i needed to know where teh money went…..thats all..just accounting for the money..nothing more nothing less….thats all…
    .hope all misunderstanding is cleared..
    …so do buy componenets no problems…..
    i clearly understand its difficult for u to work in teh workshop….just let any one of us know wats happening with u….atleast when ur buying new components or soemthing…and wat better way to know where the money is going than teh bill..atleast tell anyone from teh group that ur buying components……

  205. techtriks Says:

    Friends, i believe so far whatever works going..i informed everyone. i remember well even from home i rung Sapna and Tintu at least twice and informed that i worked in a lathe there at home and given the things to the workshop ppl at EKM by a travels.
    I think its clear from the mails (which i had send before going home)i gave the wheelchair to a workshop at EKM and worked one day and left home.

    And i gave all minute details of the things going on in the mechanical part..So i wonder how the misunderstanding and confusion came?

    And its very difficult for me to call up everyone every time and inform things, so i always write things in detail. But it is very difficult to update things while working in a workshop. That i can do only at night.

    Its true Rs. 200 plus head is nothing, but for me its difficult to take money in advance everytime. So someone please come forward and invest money then we can put the share.



    once again i must painfully say, its so strange to read Sapna’s lines — “… we had done before, we had discussed the cost of the motor and battery and all and then we purchased..this time since u were at home u cud not discuss teh purchase these items…so suddenly, out of the blue, after being at home, u asked for money…..atleast when ur buying new components or soemthing…and wat better way to know where the money is going than teh bill..atleast tell anyone from teh group that ur buying components……”


    TODAYS EXPENSE: SPROKET -1 (from the scrapshop under the northbridge(extreme bottom of the bridge))…Rs. 230.
    Original will cost around Rs.800…They asked for Rs.400 and finally got it for Rs.230


  206. sapna Says:

    its all cool nisha…dont worry…i was informrd abt ur working in teh shop but not abt teh purchase of components..thast all….never mind….dont take things personally….

  207. sapna Says:

    whenever u or anyone maeks a purchase get bills..thats wat was decided at the beginning of the project..complete transparency…..otherwise in teh end..accounts wotn match…so whenevr anyone buy a purchase..make bills..ask teh people in the shops to make bills..ask for it…not assume u wont get bills…..

    another thing…today we are meeting at 1 30 2 00 rite….i may not be able to maek i have a friend coming from nepal….she coming after a long time….so i will have to drop her at teh staion and all…anyways…the pic is with priya..and i debugged it also…got three programs with me…all three have to burnt adn checked…..anyways if her train aarrives on time i will make it…..i have already told senthil….

  208. priya Says:

    we’re not meetin today sapna….nisha has to go to the workshop…..senthil, i couldnt return your call as i was in church… and me have finished the program so we could burn it in nisha’s place as soon as possible and test it….will the workshop stuff be over by tomoro nisha?… need the money tomoro right?….have there beeen any additional expenses or is it jus 1172/5 ?……will bring 230 bucks tomoro anyway…..when are we meetin up?….ten thirty sound good?……

    oh tintu i forgot to ask you….howz the report work goin on?… have softcopy of mini project stuff right?….it’ll make things easier….

  209. techtriks Says:

    Once again i must frankly say i am very much disappointed in the response and the way the works going on..Straight i must say i cant take so much of strain if u ppl cant realise it….


    Anyway so painfully i must inform u, its difficult for me to do so much of work and teach who are not even in the part of team.(CHECK THE FEEDBACK, PPL WHO HAVE GONE THROUGH THIS SITE WILL DEFINITLY CHECKING IT GAIN AND MAKING COMMENTS) …I too feel now all, works for this project when u get time..
    Frineds…please realise u must find out time, dont think after all other engagements u can do the project.



    LABOUR CHARGE …….Rs. 3500/-(Bill available)
    SPARES MATERIALS….Rs.1175+ 230+ 20+ 300 = 1725

    (Bill for Rs.818 is available. Rest any one can got to the scrap shop and get if its that essential, but dont expect they will tell the same amount, it may be very high or same, becoz they change it time by time there is no fixed price there)

    BATTERY CHARGING IN A SHOP(3 NIGHTS )…Rs. 180 (No bills)

    AUTO CHARGE(Pettyauto’)25/03/07…..Rs.100
    AUTOCHARGE(Back engine auto)16/03..Rs.55
    (Dont know how to get bills for this)

    (Besides this min.Rs 40/day i spend for auto for getting things and going to the workshop since i could not drive the bike with a fractured leg..Just mentined only..and more over u ppl must realise how much effort is required for working in a lathe..I dont think u ppl will feel it since u never experience it and moreover 2 weeks back u have seen the wheelchair in my room and now tmrw u will be seing it with mechanism, so u cant just feel how much effort came in between this…)
    The labour charge would have been more if i was not working with them…

    Anyway i expect all of u will show some more maturity and professionalism at least in the coming days..


    Hope all of u are aware abt the componets required for rest of the ckts..Someone pls take intiative so soon and get the components..

  210. priya Says:

    dear nisha and dear sapna…..since i understand u both have cleared all the misunderstandings between u two lets all forget about what has happened and work towards makin this project a grand success….and when i mean grand success i mean not just gettin the output but that others will see our wonderful togetherness and unity in working to acheive common goals and learn from us…….peace out…..

    dont forget to bring the money tomoro people….we’ll discuss everything else when we meet….goodnight all

  211. sapna Says:

    hey ppl..i agree with priya……i had called up nisha and we had talked… problems..its all cool…and now accounts are crystal clear..there is no confusion…thats all i required…a clear cut idea of how money was going….thank u nisha for putting up teh figures…..thats all i requested….well ppl….tomo we test teh pic….and hopefully it will work..i have sent three progs to nisha by mail….wanna burn all three and etst…after priyas edited version…pri i have tried it again..seems ok..lets cross our fingers..and pray…and yes i totally agree to success not just means output…

    thanku for reminding us of that…anyways hope to see all of u…bye

  212. techtriks Says:

    I was doing test run for last one hour.It was running smooth but the bearings got jam after that. I was trying to loose it…but it become too tight.. I rung up the workshop ppl. They askd me to take it to the workshop at 8am.
    Hope it will b cleared within one hour..Anyway there is no change of meeting time…We must meet at 10.30 itself

  213. sapna Says:

    thats good news…..partly atleast….

  214. priya Says:

    yeaaaaay!….we’re back on track… this is what i was talkin about… u guys!!…..
    will be there at 10:30 nisha… i’ll meet u in college when we go to sign the attendance and we’ll take off from there to nisha’s place as usual…
    oh and one more thing….sap should i bring the oshon software?….just to show the others how exactly the program works?…….or are we just burning it straight away?….tried takin print outs of the program on my printer…its gettin stuck aagin….we’l do it tomoro when we reach college…..

  215. sapna Says:

    k dear…..hmmm….im sure nisha will have some bringing oshon soft is not necessary..but again…it cant be used on any other system na….thats a trial version…..going for driving from eight..he will drop me at coll at 9 30..will attendance and take off…

  216. sapna Says:

    hope u got the ckt teh delay teh problem..i think so….anyways we have to burn tehpic again as we gonna finalise teh output side driver na…
    most importantly we saw the wheelchair run on battery….the workshop has done a wonderful job….

  217. techtriks Says:

    Friends…i was doing test run after u left. Its working fine. Thanks to the workshop ppl.They helped me a lot for making it. Whatever i idea/ drwing i suggested they could comprehend well..Eventhough it gave me lot of pain and strain i really enjoyed working with a few ppl who are really dedicated in their work, not just for money….

    As i am very tired after the works in the workshop i could not check the program futher.
    Got the charged battery and two terminals, 2 other terminals they will give tomorrow.
    Battery i managed Rs.95/-
    Terminals Rs. 58 each..took brass, terminal otherwise some other low cost terminals were available there, but they will easily damage…

  218. techtriks Says:

    Friends..Evening i had a discusn with Jibi miss and she fixed our project evaluation date and time…
    last batch of 3rd April(presentation)
    Demonstration 4th April.

    So we have very few days..Please dont waste time.
    And keep time.


  219. priya Says:

    yea we’ll try the seperate delay program tomoro….if that doesnt work then we know where are problem lies….lets just pray that all our efforts are not in vain….good luck to all of us…

  220. priya Says:

    sap can u attach and send me the PROG1 file….i cant seem to locate it in my thumb….did u copy it onto mine?….plannin to sit put and finish tryin to debug the remaining program now….

    nisha could u please send me the list of all the componenets left to buy and the specifications….will get them tomoro before i come to ur place k so that we dont have to run around for that too much and waste time….or if i cant senthil will definitely get it….post it on the site k…thanx a lot

  221. priya Says:

    oh and great news!!!…..we split the program into two and we got the output for the first part!!!!….hurrraaaay!!!!!

  222. sapna Says:

    priya…wats ur email address…i sat and wrote teh remaining prog too….wait a sec….dont post ur email id on site..will sned both progs to nisha..prog1 and prog2…

  223. techtriks Says:

    Friends..Like how i did in the evening make the program part by part. Remove all unused variables, instructions etc and make it compact. Then it will easier to debug it. Finally we can make the comple pgm. I have seen the mail. Will chack the pgm.

    I collected the second battery after charging and returned their battery. The terminals will b available tmrw or day after.

    Yesterdays and todays expense:


    Its not possible to get the components which we are saying- i mean exact one… So u can go to the Electronics Shop and ask for the following.
    * VOLTAGE RATING — 30v or above
    * CURRENT — 10A min.
    * On resistance — low

    * Coil volatage-5 volt(6 volt is the standard)/75ohm to150 ohm PCB mounted
    * Contact ..current 10AM
    I think we can get the compinets day after..We will fix the ckt tmrw..i have some more thing to design..

  224. tintu Says:

    ok nisha wil bring the cash tomo .. and when u get time just check the report too..

  225. techtriks Says:



  226. priya Says:

    hey guys!!!!….great news!!!…..we got the output for the second part as well!!!!….then i tried the keyboard mode seperately and got that too…but when we joined everything together there was a small problem…..

    anyways….all of u’all plz bring 300rs tomoro…..we have a lot to buy and the total will coem upto 1500 and it is not possible for one person to keep payin that much advance all the time….so plz bring 300rs tomoro without fail k….thanx guys….
    best of luck to us….lets be optimistic and work towards teh success of this project…

  227. priya Says:

    sap i made the voice recog program u sent me into jus left and right and that worked fine but when we join evrythin together there’s some problem with the keyboard mode….but i tried the keyboard mode seperately and it was fine

  228. sapna Says:

    ok thats great news……so right left fw bw for voice is working..and key board separealy is working na..thats great…when we integrate wats teh problem???i still cant figure out….else we should give up one mode..atleast burn wat we have..right left fw revrse and try stop if not speed of voice….

  229. priya Says:

    exactly what i was thinking!!….instead of wastin more time on the program huh….lets see what nisha and the others have to say about it….what do u think guys?….jus one more week to go right…

  230. techtriks Says:

    The program for voice control is almost over. The output is observed by conecting LEDs at the output ports of the microcontroller.

    Hope i will be able to finish the driver ckt design by tomorrow and we will finsh the project in time..

    Driver ckt Expense:
    MOSFETs, MOSFER Driver, 16A DPDT Relay, 16A Toggle Switch, Optocoupler, Battery clips/Terminals, Push Button Switches,Wires(Single Strand & Multistrand), Bus wire etc..etc Rs.1855/-

  231. sapna Says:

    yes our focus shud be the showing of output…hurray to the voice mode…..perfect….
    anyways guys nisha is going to buy the transformer of the charger,,batterry now after that and some more components…tin just told me it wud be another 400/- per person..tahts a small price to pay this close to some output….id say….anyways..nisha is confident of completing teh driver in another two to three days…children..lets do it..i m sure we can….i mean…ours being such ahuge oprject we reached its just another week…

    another thing..when i saw teh leds glow as per our wish rite..i was sosooooo happy… from tomo onwards lets do teh interfacing..say like till 5..then 5 to six..lets finish the remaining locations of voice training….pcb design when shud it happen nisha….

    nisha can u give me the exact device name of the mosfets relay and gatedrivers… many extra pins of portd need to be further progged?according to wrong diagram we have programmed three….one relay two pwm..this mite be totally six allE?

  232. sapna Says:

    hey…today we saw the forward movement of teh toy car motor..but back ward and all was not working…..but soemthing si there…nisha how is teh ckt after we left..did uget soem rest?

  233. tintu Says:

    hey.. finished the draft report. cudt submit it today as rajesh sir was absent.. so talked to jibi miss and decided on submittig on monday

  234. techtriks Says:

    Friends…Gud news from the battery charger side!!! Immediately after u all left, i went for the battery charger. Made the PCB in a PCB making place since its not required to do that PCB(we will make the rest of our PCBs)since we dont have tha much of time. And i got all components and 90% of soldering is also over. Now by tomorrow evening we will get the 7Ams transformer and we will be able to test it by tmrw night.
    Todays expense:
    Battery charger componets…TYN612,TC4011,TL084, Box Capacitors,2W Resistors, 15v Zener Diode, BD139, 7812,7912 etc…….. Rs. 688/-

    PCB Printing ……………Rs. 140/-
    Transformer (7A)…………Rs. 1600/-

    Total…………………..Rs. 2428/-

    I purchasd 2 more MOSFETS and MOSFET driver for the sake..Cost…………220+55= Rs.275/-

    So total …2428 + 275 = Rs. 2703/-

    NB: Plese down load the data sheets of the componets used in the battery charger, read it and bring it tomorrw. I hope that will give all of u some good idea abt the ckt when we discuss the charger.

    Now i am trying for the driver part…So a long night!!!!!!..Hope by the morning i will find something…!!

  235. priya Says:

    wow!!…..not bad nisha….reading up on the data sheets now…will be there at ur place say tenish…..

  236. sapna Says:

    hey why is noone updating anthing……welll……nisha how is it now…..nms1 has teh delays properlys tored….

  237. sapna Says:

    very happy to hear that u found out teh mistake in teh biasing…..that means now we can drive both motors..we hope..and also teh correct program is also saved in ur pc/…just burn that and try..will reach tomo morning….hey can u pls show teh cricuit diagram of teh charger….was reading up on teh datatsheets…

  238. sapna Says:

    the components used are +12V,-12V regulators,medium power transistors for switching,12A scrs and nand gates and opamps….

  239. techtriks Says:

    I am working on the driver ckt…cant write more now..will discuss soon..NISHAMS

  240. sapna Says:

    hey nisha…how is it going..any breaktru?????

  241. techtriks Says:

    Friends…Things going smooth..Our battery charger is ready..Its working fine…And now i found a new driver and very optimistic in driving the motor tonight itself..I got it from Thompson Electronics and its costing Rs.60 each. i took only five now for checking , hope this will b successful…if so we will get more tmrw….I am trying all possible ways…We will complete it, until then i cant sleep….come on friends do ur part in the highest possible way at this moment…..

  242. priya Says:

    hey this is great!!!!!!!……kudos to you!!

  243. sapna Says: ur optimistic then we allare….dont wory….

  244. techtriks Says:

    Friends….Eventhough we couldnt complete the ckt today, i think we learned a lot from Mani Sir. And its sure we will finish it by monday.Thanks to Rajesh sir and Jibi Miss for allowing us to conduct the demonstration on monday. Everyone expected to see the wheelchair working with voice control…So we must make it a reality…
    Some changes r required in the program…I will explain it tomorrow….Please make the key board part too…


  245. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE 8 – Dated 06/03/07

    “Midterm Evaluation on 08/03/07 –Voice Recognition ckt PCB Soldering within 10 days –Motor coupling must be done within 12 days –H-Bridge Ckt design before 18.03.07 –Program Before 22.03.07 –Battery Charger before 25.03.07 –Report 14.03.07 onwards”

    1. Mid termevaluation is over

    2. Some PCBs are pending

    3. Programming voice recognition part over

    4. Report work started

    5.Driver ckt design with relay is chkd ..

  246. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE9- Dated 25/03/04

    “Final presentation on 03/04/07–Entire ckt must be over by 03/04/07 and trial runs must b done–Draft report on 30/03/07–”

    1. Final presentation is over.

    2. Some problem with the the driver part and so the demonstration is extentd to 09/04/07

    3. Draft Report submitted

  247. sapna Says:

    nisha….i will email teh new prog to u rite now…one relay,one mosfet per mottor rite…..thast very easy to do…..

  248. sapna Says:


  249. techtriks Says:

    Friends….I am very delighted to inform u that, i could drive the motor with our new ckt. But!!!…But when i connected with the actual motor so many problems…Hope i will be able to solve it soon..I had send a mail to ManiSir too..


  250. sapna Says:

    thats great news..yes we will solve teh probs….and i will bring the new program ok nisha..or just show us the new lines u added….

  251. sapna Says:

    today me and nisha saw teh wheelchair moving id different situations…dont get too excited..there is still alot more to do..including reprogram teh entire we have a better idea wat freqeuncy si perfect and wat delay si put and how it is calculatd…i practcally saw teh diffculties of a small delay large delay..inversion logic….tonight teh pcb will be designed….and tomo teh perfect prg will be burnt..hopefully with keyboard…..hope everything goes well

  252. priya Says:

    that is greeeeeeeeeat news!!!….ohmigosh….i cant beleive its finallly happening…..i missed it dammmmmn…..had church today coz of comin easter…..

  253. techtriks Says:

    Friends….Lots to do…I fear…after getting the output i will be in bed again…People please cooperate..
    I will try to finish the PCB today..But i dont know how long will it take…May b this night too!!!Hope it will b over by monday..Pls make the keyboard part ready asap..
    Driver is ready….

  254. sapna Says:

    nisha i have sent teh new complete prog with key board mode..check it..its in ur mail box…hope it serves ur purpose..

  255. sapna Says:

    will reach by ten te thirty ok…hoping this prog will do tha magic..have taken care of each time offinf teh pwm and then oning teh pwm…

  256. sapna Says:

    again same news ppl..voice mode is a beuty..but keyboard dunnow ats wrong….

  257. sapna Says:

    PRIYA…..u dint even come..let alone come late…teh keyborad is still not working and i cant seem to find wats wrong…i wrote it if u read it u can find out mistakes easily cos i cant seem ot find in the stuff iwort….thats why ia sk u to sit beside nme….why dint u come gal???well..teh pcb wer in progress today…thast news
    and u and senthil have to give 175 each for some more stuff for teh pcb…

  258. techtriks Says:

    Friends….Our demonstration is postponed to 10.04.07..

    Pls bring the following components by tomorrow noon

    (If Any other components.. someone remeber??)


  259. techtriks Says:

    Our demonstration is postponed to 10.04.07..

    Pls bring the following components by tomorrow noon

    (If Any other components.. someone remeber??)


  260. sapna Says:

    tintu just informed me back up battery and mic connection stuff….

  261. sapna Says:

    found out teh mistake in teh keyboard mode yest..which is great news everyone….it was all the initital statements k amistake….then will burna dnsee..nisha also was trying teh same logic in basic….thankfully found out teh mistake early..both progs have been burnt i the middle teh burner had a prob then the crystal..itw as like finally when we got it the world is conspiring against us..hahahaha..anyways/…the pcbs looks neat….

  262. priya Says:

    i know!!!!…..hearin about teh ADCON register being rewritten i wanted to shoot myself down for not realising it while we kept checkin again n again……….damn!!!….we just kept checkin our logic huh …so much so that we dint go through the initialisation statements we wrote step by step…..thank God He showed us the mistake before it was too late……

  263. sapna Says:

    yeah this time i gotta give it to teh g was a break thru..hey gal…i have just seven paise…no idea how to call senthil to ask him to pick me….hope u read this…

  264. sapna Says:

    the program both modes are working now..yaaaaaaay..had some probs teh pic getting shorted et al..but yes it final;ly is… watching her make the final touchings to teh project…putting all the pcbs in a thermocole box…casing as they say…

  265. sapna Says:

    saw the pcb being laid down in thermocole..tomo morning senthil will come to ur place….he will catch an auto and put teh chair in it….and take u by bike… priya tintu will reach coll by then…just let us know…

  266. sapna Says:

    nisha why did u call three fone is almost not working now..the ringer does not work..dint hear..priya called too wats up…

  267. priya Says:

    nisha i hope ur reading this…..we have used all the 8 bits of portB as our voice input in the program…..its not just 3 bits as u feared….anyway just ground the first five bits in the pcb……best of luck to all of us tomoro……God be with us

  268. sapna Says:

    …Some more changes in the program….Contact me in the morning itself.aroung 7am…

  269. sapna Says:

    hey everyone so today is the big day…..

  270. sapna Says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…today is not,,,damn damn damn…….hope we do it tomo atleast..tomo is a new day…

  271. sapna Says:

    hey nisha…..since u asked us to come later…..i will be online…just buzz me if u have nay doubts….the program is saved as FINAL1 all working happy program….besides the changes u already mde in stop and all…..

  272. tintu Says:

    priya and senthil be there at nisha s place by 10. sap u needt come to nisha s u can come to col direclty..

  273. sapna Says:

    okey dockey..wat time is our thing????

  274. sapna Says:

    people pls put teh amount each one of u have to get from project……i spent 21(report)+38(thinner)+300(petti auto from nishas place to coll in teh morning)=360. i shud get 72 per person..tin priya senti put it…nisha we already settled rite?

  275. techtriks Says:

    Friends….no some more amount is pending last days component cost, before that u only gave Rs.500 to me and said some others have to give…So make sure abt the rest…Then todays return charge…..

    NB: As the demonstration is over i would like to brief abt the work and experience so far..Today i am very tired after more than 60hrs of contineous work without rest and having some exams tomorrow. Will write more tomorrow…

  276. techtriks Says:

    NOTICE 10- Dated 01/04/07

    “–Finish the ckt and PCB by 06/04/07 and trial runs must be done on 07/04/07.
    ROUGH REPORT–29/03/07 PRESENTATION– 03/04/07 DEMONSTRATION–11/04/07–”

    The demonstration is over today. Wheelchair was working fine, eventhough there were some confusion in the voice recognition part.

  277. sapna Says:

    ok note the money down..we need to settle it before exams…

  278. sapna Says:

    hey everyone…i collected the drafta dn gve it to nisha…there are only only a few minor mistakes in the firts page……and then we need to add teh last few topics..integration andimplemnetation andstuff….everyone in class have already given it for binding..i think we are lagging behind..nisha just write one paragraph each for the last three chapters and finish it off..the rest is right…..mail it asap to tintu as i have lost net at home…we will take one print out and 6 hpotocopies and give at teh earliest for binding……jiby is going otbe out of station till 2 so tomo is the alst day or even day after tomo att eh earliest… we dont have time at all…we have to give it tomo laterst and collect it in teh nite or soemthing….come on guys one last time…

  279. techtriks Says:

    Dear Friends…i already told Sapna that i wont get time on thursday since i need to continue my treatment. and i tried to ring all of u. At least five calls..But none of u attented….I believe evryone has the reports soft copy.At least Tintu have. So do the two pages if its so easy to do and send me. I will correct it and give u..Atleast this moment i must care my health..So please try to do the binding and all..i cant take strain for that too..

  280. tintu Says:

    sapna and priya please do the last few chapters and give it for binding… both me and nisha are busy.. so please do the needy

  281. sapna Says:

    hey friends..bound copies are already placed on jiby miss’s table….after her sign we ned totake our respective copies….and give one to rajesh sir as well….

  282. Fr.Joseph Says:

    this sounds great. can you people
    make it to a selling stage. if so it will be of great use to orphanages like ours

  283. techtriks Says:

    Dear Father,
    Thanks for your encouragement
    Please mail to

  284. pawan gilda Says:

    where can i get hm2007p in india n at what cost??

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply….its urgent for my project

  285. NISHAMS Says:

    Dear Pawan,
    i am so sorry to inform you that you wont get HM 2007 in India. You have to get it from US. Please refer the links i have given in the reference section. You will get the Pin diagram of HM2007 also from this site. check the hardware section. The approximate cost of importing HM2007and the memory along with is around Rs. 2000.
    If you need further assistance please feel free to contact me..

  286. dabhi pravin Says:

    freinds ia also woking on hn2007 automatic attendence system but ia not able to find the ic or training module of hm2007 where did u get it from and at what cost plz tellme maolme plz urgently
    pravin dabhi mit pune

  287. NISHAMS Says:

    Dear Pravin,
    We have designed training module by ourself. But i think such kits are available. You may please visit the reference section of this site. There i have given some links.

    We have purchased HM2007 from US. As far as my knowdledge is concerned its not available in India. The cost was around Rs.2000(Inlcluding shipping charge)

    If you have any other questions, pls feel free to reach me at

  288. Pawan Guilda Says:

    Hi, can you give me the details of HM2007? avalability
    ,cost etc..

  289. NISHAMS Says:

    Dear Pawan,
    i am so sorry to inform you that you wont get HM 2007 in India. You have to get it from US. Please refer the links i have given in the reference section. You will get the Pin diagram of HM2007 also from this site. check the hardware section. The approximate cost of importing HM2007and the memory along with is around Rs. 2000.
    If you need further assistance please feel free to contact me..

    All the best..

  290. Pawan Says:

    Thanks for answering b4 also.I asked my cousin to purchase IC in New York. But after ordering they were asking the reason of purchase and that’s also in written on college letter head.So if you can provide me how you purchased then it will be very thankful to me.

    Waiting for your reply…..

  291. NISHAMS Says:

    Dear Pavan,
    I am really wondering..We simply ordered it through the net , using credit card for payment. It came within 12 days!!!. Only drawback was they have charged $8 for shipment..Otherwise there were no complexities.
    So pls request your cousin to get it from another shop or order throught net. I think u will get the web id in google. If not finding i will send it to u within a day or two.

    I would like to inform u one more thing, they stopd the production of HM2007 due to some technical reason, what we are getting is old stock. SO try to get it soon.
    May i know for what purpose u are using it? Or where r u studying?

    All the best..NISHAMS

  292. PAWAN Says:

    Sorry for very late reply. Actully my sem exams r going on. I am studing in MITM, Indore Engg final year. I am working on a project i.e. “Voice Controlled Robocar” and for voice recognition i need that IC.
    I told my cousin and it will reach to him in day or two.

    Be in touch. And thanks a lot for ur help.

  293. PAWAN Says:


    How are you? I got the IC and i have builded up the hardware(Voice Recognition Ckt) as its given in your presentation but its still not working.Do u also got some sort of problem like this?

    And after entering no’s from keypad, LED doesnt get switched off and the no’s are also not dislayed on 7 segment. What can be the error acc to u?

    Plzzz reply soon. Waiting 4 ur reply……


  294. NISHAMS Says:

    Dear pavan,
    I will reply in detail tonight. I was busy with joining cypress semiconductors. by the way which ckt u followed? the reference ckt which we got from the site is i will discuss it with u tonight..


  295. PAWAN Says:


    Thanks for your cooperation and I expect in future too.

    I followed corrected ckt given by you. Actully the LED is not getting off on entering no’s so I am in somewhat confusion. I am trying my best to start that ckt but if you got some problem than it can be with us too so plzz forward me the problem with their solution.


  296. NISHAMS Says:

    Dear Pawan,
    I will discuss it with you sometime tonight, if you come online..
    We too faced so many problems, there were so many mistakes in the basic circuit..


  297. Yaqoob Ali Says:

    i m doing my final year project ,i have selected a voice control wheelchair,i dont know how to start this project ,
    kindly……… me the basic hardware required for this project
    i will be very thankful to you

  298. sawonilo Says:

    hai there,
    how can i interface the 74LS373 to PIC18F877A?

    i have a project using HM2007ic.
    the project is to convert BCD output from the HM2007 to text.

    the text will display at LCD 2 x 16 lines through PIC16F877A.

    please help me!!

    • techtriks Says:

      Hi sawonilo,
      Please refer the hardware page of this site for more details on latching(connecting 74ls373) to HM 2007..
      All the best,

  299. Selvakumar Says:

    Dear all

    I’m Studing B.E Final Year In Mechatronics.I’m Doing Project same As Yours Can You Give The Technical Detail For The Project

  300. Selvakumar Says:

    Dear All
    Where Can I Find The HM2007 Voice Controlled IC.Can Any One Give Me The Address OR Shop Details

  301. Sabitha Says:

    Hey im a B.Tech final yr student and im really interested in this project.
    But the problem is the budjet.. cud u pls tel me hw much did d entire project cost u!
    Thank u in advance

  302. Studing Says:

    I’m Studing B.E Final Year In Electronic .I’m Doing Project same As Yours Can You Give The full data and detail For The Projec

  303. jenson07 Says:

    pls let me know where was the interfacing mistakes between HM6264 and 74LS373,74LS373 and 7447…my circuit is not working…pls help

  304. numbcoulomb Says:

    My name is Tanaya Pandit.I’m a final year ETC student(RIET Goa). I had sent you an e-mail regarding this project almost 2 weeks ago. We need your guidance sir. May I get your active e-mail address sir? Or will it be okay if we post our doubts here?

  305. shahbaz Says:

    can we add brake system in this wheel chair…? while we are using the command “STOP” for cut-off power supply…..

  306. akhil Says:

    i want to know the cost of the components used in the voice controlled wheelchair.

  307. Azeem Ehsan Says:

    dear bro….
    I’ve same project as in final year please share thesis & calculations with thee idea of how u make mechanism i mean how u assemble motors with tires etc ….
    waiting for ur response ….
    Azeem Ehsan
    Mechatronics Engineering

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